India Private Tour Service


Planning your India Private Tour Service
We can design a complete itinerary for you including suggestions of our favorite places and things to see. We’ll book all your accommodation and transport, and of course we’ll drive you anywhere you like along the way.

During your trip
We’ll have a friendly driver meet you at the airport and escort you to your destination.
We’ll drive you from each destination to the next - unless you prefer a train or bus which we can also arrange for you.
We will be available 24 hours to drive you around to sightsee and shop.
We’ll recommend great places to see and escort you to wonderful restaurants.

We respect your privacy
If you like your independence, just say so and we can leave you to it - you can see as much or as little of us as you like.
Our driver will arrange his own food and accommodation.

All our tour guides have valid guide licenses issued by the Government

Tour Guide service
A tour guide will travel and accompany the guests throughout the tour. A tour guide in India must have a valid guiding license from the Government of India, where they have to compete an exam and undergo 6 months theoretical and practical training.

An accompanying tour guide or escort will assist you with check-in / check-out at the hotels, as well as guide you through and explain the history of monuments, places, culture, traditions and customs of the Indian people. A tour guide will be at your disposal throughout the tour. The tour guide's fee will always include costs for their accommodation and food.

Private Driver service
A private driver is not your tour guide, as they are not allowed to enter monuments and show you around. A tour driver’s primary job is to drive you safely and smoothly from one place to another.

They can of course take you to good restaurants, nice places, and up to the monument ticket window, as well as give you relevant information about your tour. Your driver will wait until you finish the visit of any particular monument, and will take care of your luggage and belongings. A cost for the car, their food and accommodation will always be included in the driver’s fee.

Role and Duty of a tour driver:
Meet and greet you at the airport.
Take you from one destination to another destination.
Take you to monuments and places of interests in each city for sightseeing and visit.
Take you to restaurants and great places to eat where you could taste Indian cuisine.
Help you change currency if need be.
Store your luggage while you are on sightseeing.
Help you exchange money.
Translate between you and locals if need be.
They won't be allowed to enter inside the monuments as they are not a tour guide. They will wait in the car park while you visit the monuments.
All our drivers are experienced and have travelled extensively in all over India.
Please note drivers in India speak conversational English and therefore no issues of communication. They have travelled with people from all over the world.
Your tour driver is not a tour guide because one must have a valid license to become a tour guide in India.

Travelling between North and South India
In South India we will have different tour drivers, as it is not feasible to send a tour driver from North India to South India.
A tour guide can come to join you in South India and serve you as your local tour guide. His travel expenses for going to South India from North India shall be included in the fee.

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